Guide to Build a Perfect Professional Wardrobe | 5 Types of Attires


According to a survey by, only 55% of workplaces have a dress code. The remaining tells you to have a business casual dress. Depending on the workplace, there is a variation in the formality level of business dresses. One can wear from a range of casual clothes for women to work dresses for women ,modern dress for women and professional work dresses. The office apparels depend entirely on the place you work. Hence, for all the working ladies building a professional Wardrobe and keeping it up-to-date is a must.

We all know how crucial the dressing part is. Professional business look is a reflection of how serious we are related to our career. Moreover, our attire also describes us and our personality. With time more casual wear for women is becoming a norm. Hence, picking women professional dresses has become cumbersome and to decide what to wear and when. To ease your work, we present you the guide on how to build professional wardrobe for work.

Casual Work Dresses

Casual clothing for women is becoming common these days. However, it is still an informal dress code. Casual clothes for women includes dress shirts, office shirts, and blouses. Along with that, they can wear skirts, business casual pants women, or business casual office pants. One can buy cheap work shirts for women and pair them with the best work pants to have a slaying look.

When shopping for office work shirts and tops for work, you can look forbright colors and prints. If you like light colors, go for pink shades, grey, or cream. While shopping for casual work pants, opt for a wider waistband if you have a tummy problem area. Else, you can buy a thinner waistband. Besides, if you have full thighs, look for darker shades. It is best to avoid pants with vertical pockets.

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Smart Casual

If you want to fit in an informal dress code while maintaining a professional look, smart casual is the best option. From blouses to button-down skirts and shirts to khakis, you can opt for any piece. While picking a skirt, chose pencil skirts or long skirts that hit below the knee. Dark pants and skirts go with a variety of shirts and tops. Comfortable work dresses are also an excellent option to wear. Pair it with a low heel to give a more formal look. For buying the best work dresses at a cheap rate, check out the Banana Republic store.

Business Casual

Business casual dressing lies between casual and formal wear. Besides, it is appropriate for interviews, client meetings, and also office settings. There is a wide array of options available for picking business casual dresses. One can wear tidy jeans, slacks, sweaters, and blouses. In addition to this, knee-length dresses, cardigans, and jackets will work best too.

Moreover, you can also wear some simple accessories. To purchase dresses for business casual on a budget, look at the J.crew brand. It had the best women’s casual wear attires. Moreover, J.crew business casual work pants offer the best women’s work pants.

Business Professional

Companies with strict dress codes opt for professional business attire. A lawyer outfit, accounting, banking, finance, and other government jobs wear professional work dresses. Moreover, they must be well fitted to give you a professional look.

A business professional dress code includes slacks, sharp button-down shirts, skirts or dresses, tidy blazers or blouses. Despite the look, solid colors always work best for this look. For instance, you can opt for black, grey, and navy colors. Avoid wearing accessories or keep them minimal in professional business attire. Moreover, a pantsuit is the best option for a professional dress. If you are choosing a shirt, go for a collared, button-down shirt in neutral colors. For example, white, black or blue color. Furthermore, the fabric must be wrinkle-free and tidy.

Business Formal

For special gatherings, like award ceremonies, it is recommended to wear professional work dresses. Business formal attire includes all types of suits—dark pantsuit, suit dress, and skirt suit. Moreover, crop pant suit also works best. However, the pant hem should hit mid-calf. Besides, it is not recommended for an interview.

Further, a skirt with a matching jacket goes pretty well on informal occasions. Nevertheless, it should be above the knee length. Moreover, women’s professional blouses can also be worn, but they must be a collared blouse. Furthermore, it should either be tucked in or fall just below your waistline.

Always be cautious while wearing ladies’ work shirts, dress blouses for work, and women working tops. Tops should never hang below your suit jacket hem. They must also not be too short that they show your stomach. Dress shirts should also not be too revealing.


It has become a necessity now to have a professional work wardrobe. One must have all the women’s work dresses professional as well as casual clothes for women. The above Guide to Build a Professional Wardrobe will help you in all the types of formal dresses you must keep. 

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