How To Do Egirl Makeup In 2021? The Simple Method


You must come up with the word “egirl makeup” on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. Egirl is a girl that uses internet source to showcase her makeup skills and others. Usually, on TikTok, the trend took place. Then it became famous worldwide, and girls started making tutorials of cute egirl makeup that received much recognition. Additionally, most teenage girls are obsessed with this trend and continuously creating something different from others. The egirl makeup includes wing eyeliner, neon eyeshades, dark lip colour, red cheeks and highlighter. In this article, we have mentioned the simple staples to do egirl makeup in a short time. Check the below steps.

How to Do Egirl Makeup-Simple Steps

1. Apply Primer

When starting any kind of makeup style, it is necessary to apply primer first. It prevents and secures your egirl makeup look from early fading. Similarly, because of the initial application of primer, you can observe easiness while applying foundation, and it provides a smooth texture.

2. Foundation

The foundation is the primary step whether you are doing soft egirl makeup or a bit heavy. But the accurate selection of the colour tone of the foundation is essential. The same goes with the brand; if you choose to buy a low-quality foundation,, then it can ruin your cute egirl makeup look and make you look unattractive. Therefore, the best foundation is one that is lightweight and doesn’t look cakey. Now you need to apply the foundation on your face gently and cover all uneven parts accordingly. Blend it with the help of a sponge makeup blender.

3. Fill in Eyebrows

Without proper and neat eyebrows, one cannot successfully achieve the ultimate egirl makeup look. That’s why fill the sparse areas, create perfect eyebrows with a premium quality definer pencil and move to the next step. Also, don’t create dark brows. Blend the pencil correctly and make it look natural.

4. Apply Blush & Highlighter

soft egirl makeup

If you want soft egirl makeup, apply a lighter shade of blush on the cheekbones and the nose. But those who wish to wear gradient, glamorous, and dark makeup can go with a darker shade of blush. Then, apply a highlighter or a shimmer on the nose and cheekbones for a shimmery look. Also, you can use a small amount of highlighter on the chin and forehead for extra glowy skin.

5. Vibrant Eye makeup

Mostly egirls go with neon and dark eyeshades on their lid. Whereas some are doing light and soft glamorous eye makeup. You can paint your eyelid with vibrant colours or can choose a colour that can go with a matching outfit. Similarly, the top trend of egirls is creating textures on eyelids with the help of eyeshades. They’re making clouds, butterflies, flowers and beautiful prints on the eyelids and making them attractive. If you cannot think of some different eyeshades styles, log in to Youtube and search for an egirl makeup tutorial. You will find numerous helpful videos.

6. The Wingy Liner

Without winged eyeliner, your egirl makeup look is incomplete. Nowadays, extended wingy liners are in fashion; they can be colourful or black. The perfect winged liner would give you a fashionable, sleek appearance just like an egirl looks. Also, it’s a bit tricky to make an on-point wing, so you can get help from professionals or try out some helpful tutorials.

7. Extended EyeLashes

After the application of the eyeliner, the final requirement to enhance eyes is Mascara. It can do wonders, increase the volume of your lashes and make your lashes look flawless. Moreover, you can use false lashes to make the lash game more robust.

8. Create The Heart Below Eyes

Most egirl makeup looks contain the unique heart donned on the face below their eyes. You can also create the same simply by using eyeliner. Also, remember to draw tiny hearts. Large ones can look ugly on small faces.

9. Glossy Lipstick

Don’t let your lips look boring; try out a fascinating lip gloss or lipstick that suits your makeup look. Moreover, first, create the outline of lips with a lip pencil, then apply lipstick. You can add funky gloss to convert soft egirl makeup into a glamorous one.

10. Makeup setting Spray

When you have spent your quality time getting an egirl makeover, it’s essential to keep the look safe. Use a makeup setter to maintain your makeup for a long time.

11. Attractive Hair Style

Make your hairs neat to complete and achieve the final results. Without a proper hairstyle, you always failed to achieve desired results. If you have blonde hair, then try out a high ponytail with your soft egirl makeup. Hence, make your hair game strong, and you are ready for a photo shoot.


Hence, by following the above 11 steps, you can quickly achieve egirl makeup look effectively and rock all day.  Make your Instagram profile more attractive and upload all the selfies of your face with egirl makeup. Thus, bring creativity to your makeup skills and rule the internet with your fashionable makeup Avatar.

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