Ultimate Perfume Guide | How to Choose Perfume that Suits You?

Picking a perfume might get a little tricky when you have hundreds of available options and you get confused about how to choose perfume that suits you?. With many fragrances in the air and beautiful bottles, anyone can get a little muddle-headed and end up choosing something pretty looking or something appealing. 

A signature scent that matches the wearer’s personality truly makes one feel compelling and eloquent. Like Estee Lauder said,

“Perfume is like a new dress; it makes you quite simply marvelous.”

Similarly, our judgment is usually based on our sense of smell. In differentiating from good to bad, our nose plays a unique role in it. 

Christian Dior said,

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”

The way one smells tells a lot about them. The smelling sense plays a vital part in providing physiological effects and can transform mood, stress, and working capacity. [1] Moreover, strong-smelling power is one of the essential components of your personality. Studies also show that smelling good makes you more attractive, trustworthy, and likable.

“Perfume follows you: it chases you and lingers behind you. It’s a reference mark.

Perfume makes silence talk.” says Sonia Rykiel. In this article, we will learn how to choose cologne that suits you. I will help and share with you a guide to perfumes, with some easy tricks and techniques you can easily learn how to pick a perfume for me.

How to Find the Right Perfume?

Discover Your Preferences

The first rule to choose the right perfume is to discover the casual fragrances that you like. Look around you, the dairy products that you use. Shampoo, soap, body gels, cosmetics (such as lotion, face creams), the smell of detergent on your bed sheet and comforter, there is an excessive number of fragrances around you you love yet are oblivious about it. Discover them! Smell all the things. You need to know which scent attracts you the most among your fruity shampoo, or is it that minty smell was coming out of your plants. Or could it be that woody scent you deeply inhale while taking a walk!

As Giorgio Armani said,

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

So, please take note of the smallest of details that pull you in and etch them into your mind.

Do A Perfume Research

Now that you know perfume recommendations won’t be hard and start browsing. The smells you know you already love- begin from them. Writing them down would be helpful. So, before shopping, set your search with them. Just so you know, every typical fragrance has abundant, surplus production! Start with a casual cologne test before getting on to formal ones. 

Remember to enjoy the process of choosing a fragrance, and don’t let it tire you out.

Sample Them

Sampling fragrances is essential for choosing the right perfume for you. You have to take your time since a particular smell tells us that ‘this is it!’ when it isn’t. Rushing will not help. 

But first, learn to test cologne and sampling. According to experts, perfumes should be tried on the skin. Spraying it on a warm place such as the inside of our wrists or elbow. The heat helps the scent to linger for a long time, and it can initially tell us its durability. Rubbing the perfume on the applied area won’t help as it will make the scent wear off quickly. 

Remember not to overwhelm yourself and do take breaks after testing two to three samples.

Test At Home

Sampling, walking around to check the fragrance, paying particular attention to the notes also being under the salesperson’s crucial eyes, might seem exhausting! No worries because this also has a solution. 

There are free samples for customers that can be taken home. All you need is to ask for samples of cologne from the salesperson and test them out in the comfort of your home. Samples for testing can also be delivered of various brands to your home, so order and take your time testing them.

Trust Your Gut And Follow the Fragrance That Attracts You

Listening to other people’s opinions might change your own, so don’t make this mistake and follow your instinct. Always remember that if a scent smells good on you, it doesn’t mean it will smell good on others, too, because a fragrance is connected with one’s chemistry. Yes, there is science behind it! This is why you need to be very careful when going to choose a perfume that suits you.

Your body has a significant influence on your perfume’s scent. It is interconnected with your skin type and body’s hormones. Hence, some scents won’t suit you if they fit others.

We can certainly now think that How to choose perfume that suits you? is no more a worrisome question for your.

Find Your Signature Scent

After going through such a lengthy procedure, you are finally able to find the right perfume that makes you feel you, but you need to identify how to find your signature scent.

Just ask yourself these three simple questions. 

  • Does this fragrance match your style? 
  • Does it suit your personality? 
  • Does it make people around you throw compliments despite themselves? 

If yes, then congratulations! You’ve found it.

Differentiate Between Notes

There are three notes for better and easy understanding in observing and choosing the real essence of scent: top note, middle note (also called heart note), and base note. The top note is what you smell first. They make the impression of a perfume. Top notes disperse quickly in the air, and middle notes come right after that.  

Their name defines them as they are the ‘heart’ of a perfume. Middle notes remain for either twenty minutes or an hour. Then comes the base notes that indicate whether you liked this perfume or not. If you don’t like the base notes, you don’t like this fragrance at all, but if you end up liking the heart and base notes, this is it for you! 

To check this, wear the samples and go on for your day. And remember to apply the samples away from the perfume counters to have a better understanding of choosing. 


It may seem much work, but it’s worth it. Choose and use the right perfume that suits you can make you feel exhilarated. Moreover, people around you find you more pleasing. It can also spark some curiosity in others and end up creating a good impression.
Thus, Ending this article with Coco Chanel’s quote,

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”

So for a bright and promising future, make sure to go through the perfume guides and then you will know how to find the right signature scent or perfume.

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