Dry Cracked Feet And Heels | Causes & Approved Treatments


The most common foot problem is dry feet and cracked heels. Most old age women and men experience cracked heels because of some medical reasons and age factors. However, it is not just the problem of old age people.

According to research, 20% of adults experienced cracked heels and dry feet. Whereas only 50% of women reported the condition more than men. [1]

Cracked heels are also called “fissures.” Most of the time, home-based dry cracked feet remedies are helpful for dry feet care. However, some severe reasons are the leading cause behind extra dry, cracked feet. But you do not have to worry about how to care for cracked feet as the consultation with qualified dermatologists will give you the best treatment for dry heels. Otherwise, it can lead to more severe foot issues if you still take it easy. First, it is mandatory to be aware of the root cause of the problem, and then one can get solutions.

However, we have also listed the causes and treatment of cracked heels and dry feet with a few tips and hacks. By adding simple things into your routine, you can end up having soft and beautiful feet.

What Causes Dry Feet and Cracked Heels?

In order to go for dry heel treatment, one must know what causes dry feet. The causes are numerous, including wearing sandals in cold and chilly weather, not moisturizing feet, keeping feet dusty, and others. Dryness in the feet is the most common issue, which most of us take lightly. In contrast, we tend to focus on our face and hand’s dryness too seriously. However, the feet also demand equal care and attention. Which we most of the time cannot provide to them. Some other causes of dry feet and cracked heels are:

  • Standing for long without taking proper rest
  • Weight gain
  • Pressure
  • Not taking enough dose of water regularly
  • Walking barefoot or wearing inappropriate footwear
  • Usage of toxic soaps and foot care lotion
  • Not moisturizing feet regularly

Medical Causes

  • Hormonal disorder, Diabetes
  • Eczema or skin disease
  • Deficiency of Nutritions
  • Genetic cause
  • Fungal Infections
  • Autonomic neuropathy [2]

Suppose you are facing severe issues with your heel, including dryness, cracking, and infections. Do visit a foot surgeon or take an appointment with any qualified dermatologist. Because leaving the issue untreated, can lead one to suffer more severe infections. Thus, it is always essential to get proper cracked heel care.

How to Take Care Of Dry Cracked Feet

Feet are the central part of the human body, helping one stand, running, supports body weight, etc. This is why we should take care of dry cracked feet before it is too late. For this purpose, one must know the hacks about the best treatment for dry cracked feet and how to care for dry heel, so below are a few simple points to take note of.

 Keep Yourself Hydrated

When you come up with the cracked heels and dry feet issue, do not get initially worried. You need to drink excessive water every day. The less water intake can cause the human body dehydration, which leads to dryness and skin issues; hence, the more water we take, the more we can transform damaged heels into soft ones.

Clean And Moisturize Feet daily

Moisturizing face and hands is an essential part of our skincare routine. However, we often forget to apply a moisturizer to our feet. Applying the best moisturizer for feet twice a day can reduce many dry feet problems in your life. Furthermore, you can easily purchase a nontoxic feet moisturizer from nearer markets or online if you do not have one. It is better to invest in the product which is necessary and beneficial for your foot care.

Remove Dead Skin

Sometimes by removing dead skin, one can get soft and healthy feet. Nevertheless, the process requires much attention and techniques, which anyone can not practice. There are some professional foot care products and kits which contain the instruments to remove dead skin easily. By getting the product, also try to learn a few steps on removing dead feet skin. Therefore, take this process from those who work professionally and serve the best in the foot care field.

Buy Moisturizing Socks

First, for treating ultra dryness issues, keep wearing socks regularly. It will maintain the moisture to your feet and protect you from roughness, harsh weather, and textured floor. Moreover, for best results, one can buy moisturizing socks for cracked heels, which are readily available in the market and online.

Use Healing Cream for Cracked Heels

If you are taking dry heel treatment from the doctor, he must prescribe some authentic heel care products. With the proper guidelines and medications, you can compete with most of the diseases in the world. Nevertheless, by using toxic and unauthentic skincare products, the worse your disease can get. There are numerous best foot care products for dry feet available in the market, but all you need is to ask your doctor first. By doing so, one can get desirable results within time and without getting involved in more trouble.

Try Petroleum Jelly

For those who are suffering from heavy-duty dryness on heels and near fingers. The jar of petroleum Jelly is the best solution for dry cracked feet treatment. Consider vaseline for dry feet or any moisturizer which consists of petroleum jelly to reduce dehydration and protect from further skin issues.

Wear Closed-Back Shoes

Change in weather demands humans to change the way they dress; otherwise, the consequences may lead one to the doctor. It is mandatory to wear appropriate footwear for all according to the current season. One must not wear sandals when suffering from cracked heels. Similarly, wearing thick socks and heavy shoes in summers can bring blisters to your feet. Therefore, the selection of different footwear for women and men relies on your feet ‘care. Hence, always consider closed-back shoes or sandals, most notably when you have dry, cracked feet.

Try Some Home Remedies for Dry Cracked Feet

When you are not visiting a foot specialist, then it is the right time for dry cracked feet care with some home remedies. Nevertheless, keep in mind the ingredients that you apply in the infected or damaged area are not harmful. Moreover, the most common remedy which does wonder is coconut oil for dry feet. Most skin specialists recommend coconut oil for treating skin irritation, eczema, psoriasis, and others. It contains antimicrobial and inflammatory properties, which are beneficial in treating cracked heels.


Thus, the above significant causes and treatment of dry cracked heels and dry feet are purposely penned down to give fundamental knowledge on the topic. Further, following preventions and care can help one in getting soft, flawless, and smooth feet. Share your dry feet care in the comments and let us know about the experience.

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